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biochemical's Journal

bitch du jour </3
13 February
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this journal is dead
new journal=traumaqueen
go go go
30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, airheads, aphex twin, art, assemblage 23, autumn, bad things, big bright stars, bitchcore, black, black&white pictures, bondage, boy sets fire, brown eyes, candy, cherries, chevelle, coil, computer shit, concrete nature, converge, crawl, daisy chainsaw, danny carey, darkness, daydreaming, depeche mode, digital art, dimmu borgir, dorks, dr. pepper, dr. pepper lip smackers, drain sth, dreams, drums, emperor, enslaved, exploited, eyes, fire, from autumn to ashes, front line assembly, funker vogt, glitter, going to shows, graffiti, graphic design, gray, grey, guitars, hands, hardcore, hatebreed, hoodies, hypocrisy, industrial, jack off jill, jessicka fondera, jon crosby, journals, kampfar, kitty ears, kmfdm, knives, lips, livejournal, london after midnight, lord of the rings, mac&cheese, mayhem, maynard, maynard james keenan, metallic red, music, my ruin, naughtyness, nerd glasses, nerds, nin, nothingface, odhinn, old man's child, opeth, painting, paz lenchantin, perversion, photography, piano, piercings, pink floyd, playing in the rain, poetry, poison the well, porn, profanity, pulse legion, queen adreena, radiohead, rain, red, remedy, sarcasm, scarling, sepultura, sex, silver, sitting on the roof, skin, skinny puppy, snake river conspiracy, snog, soulfly, stabbing westward, stars, storms, stuff, swimming pools, switchblade symphony, system of a down, tairrie b., tattoos, the boondock saints, the color pink, the distillers, the used, thom yorke, throwdown, thunder, thursday, tobey torres, tool, trouble, tsunami bomb, underground, vast, veil of anguish, velvet acid christ, vendetta red, vnv nation, vomito negro, waking up beside you, web design, wet seal, writing, writing letters, wumpscut, yelling obscenities at people, yer mom